Pinguin Textilpflege – the competent partner for your textiles

Every day, we take responsibility for some of the most personal things of our customers: their clothes. This basis of trust motivates us every day to achieve the best quality and cleanliness for our customers. As a textile care service, we do not create anything new, but treat used textiles with all our experience in such a way that they come close to their original appearance: bright colours, brilliant white and of course perfect cleanliness. This is our goal. Our satisfied customers, who have been with us for many years, show that we satisfy their demand.

Our employees lovingly take care of every cleaning treatment your beloved pieces need. Be it dirt, odours, signs of wear or even mould - we clean your fabrics and reverse signs of ageing and wear as far as possible. Even the most severe cases such as fire and water damage are usually no problem for us.

We use processes that treat your textiles particularly gently. We cannot only clean the surface of your textiles, but also provide a deeper treatment that cleans the inner fibres of the material. At the end of our treatment, the normal durability of your textiles is significantly extended.

This not only benefits you, but also the environment. All our processes are geared towards environmental compatibility and are significantly better than your domestic washing machine. This is guaranteed not only by our award-winning innovations, but also by the Blue Angel.

We would like to invite you to have a look at our pages and would be pleased to welcome you soon in one of our branches or meet you for the textile cleaning - delivery service at your home or office.

Your Pinguin Textilpflege Team

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