Environmentally friendly cleaning is the brand essence of Pinguin Textilpflege. We always choose our cleaning products and processes according to whether we can achieve the same cleaning effect with a more environmentally friendly product. As a result, we now have one of the most environmentally compatible cleaning concepts in Europe. The consumers' environmental awareness has been rising steadily for years. This can be seen from the fact that good energy efficiency classes for washing machine purchases and the environmental impact of detergents have become the central sales argument. We have joined this trend as professional dry cleaners and even surpassed the industrial manufacturers. A small comparison shows that our professional textile cleaning is more environmentally friendly than washing with a domestic washing machine. For example, a standard washing machine consumes one kilowatt hour of electricity and 30 litres of water per kilogram of laundry.

In the end, 53g of detergent and softener leave the house with the wastewater. In professional textile cleaning, only 0.9 kilowatt hours are consumed per kilogram of laundry due to the more efficient devices. Water consumption is even reduced by 97 percent to 0.8 liters and waste from detergents is reduced to almost nothing thanks to modern reprocessing methods such as our reverse osmosis system: 0.00028g. So if you put your textiles in the hands of a professional textile cleaner, you are actively protecting the environment. Pinguin Textilpflege makes high demands on environmental protection and is regularly checked for compliance. So all our employees have to pass an expert knowledge test for environmental protection.