Curtain cleaning & curtain washing in Berlin

Wash curtains at home?

Beautiful curtains, decorating the window behind it, are a nice way to give your living room a homely character. However, many of our customers initially shy away from carrying out the necessary curtain cleaning every one or two years. It only takes one year though, for the curtains to discolour. Dust cannot be avoided in any apartment and it inevitably settles in the fibres of the curtains. This can be particularly unpleasant for allergy sufferers. Some curtains can be cleaned in conventional machines, but must be ironed after cleaning. Due to their size, this means a lot of work with an ironing board. Of course, we will take care of that for you in our textile cleaning service. Additionally, heavy curtains sometimes do not fit into the washing machine and can only be cleaned of dirt and dust in a laundry.

We know that removing, as well as hanging up, the curtains can be another obstacle to washing or cleaning curtains. This can be a problem, especially with high ceilings. For older people it is physically difficult or even very dangerous.

That is why we offer a curtain service.

Pick up - Clean - Put up

And our curtain cleaning with installation service has these advantages for you:

✅ pick up from anywhere in Berlin

✅ We take the curtains off quickly and easily. You are spared the effort.

✅ We iron your curtains.

✅ You get back cleaned and crease-free curtains.

✅ We bring the curtains to your home and drape them according to your wishes.

Our cleaning procedures protect the environment.

The complete service is cheaper than you think! By now, our collection and cleaning service is used for by many retirement homes, hotels and private persons in Berlin. We are pleased if you trust us with your curtain cleaning. We have the suitable machines as well as well trained employees, who help your curtains to new splendour again. In our branches we also offer an express service. Curtains which are brought to our laundry until 9 a.m. can be picked up the next day from 11 a.m. onwards. Let us advise you free of charge or make an appointment for a curtain cleaning!

Use our contact form or give us a call: 030 / 214 805 0!