Gore- and SympaTex GoreTex / SympaTex

GoreTex belongs to the so-called functional textiles and is used especially in the outdoor sector. A membrane is glued between the layers of clothing. In the membrane there are capillaries which are too thin for the passage of water, but wide enough for air to flow through. In this way the clothing can keep the water away from the body when it rains and still breathe. Respiration is important so that the body's own moisture can escape with the air through the clothing. Otherwise the body's own moisture would condense under your clothing and you would get wet from the inside. This is what distinguishes waterproof GoreTex clothing from the "Frisian mink", which is not very breathable.

If GoreTex clothing is now washed in the washing machine with standard household detergents, detergent residues gradually clog the capillaries. After a few washing cycles, you will have the above-mentioned Frisian mink because the membrane has lost its breathability. We therefore use detergents that leave no residue. We also impregnate the clothing so that the outer fabric remains breathable. This further optimises the breathability, as the outer fabric does not swell up as a result of the impregnation and thus the passage of steam from the skin to the outside remains guaranteed.