Down cleaning - Have down jackets and eiderdowns cleaned

Down is still one of the lightest and most natural fillers to duvets or clothing such as down jackets and down coats. It is warm and easy to design. Down is a very breathable material, which absorbs moisture well before slowly releasing it again. The better the down, the higher is the thermal insulation. But the thermal insulation can easily be reduced when the down is contaminated. At this point it is time to clean your down jacket or down blanket.

The washing treatment in down cleaning

The washing of down with the appropriate means is the gentlest form of the processing. Here, sweat and pigments can be best removed from the upper material and the down filling. During the drying process in our 1000 litre dryers, the down can unfold fully so it can go back to its nice, full-bodied form again. There are many possible ways of treating stains on this material which is why a professional treatment works in almost all cases. Even at home, it is in principle possible to clean your down jackets or down blankets, but this requires a big washing drum and a dryer. Especially the down duvet takes up a lot of space in the washing machine. With the dryer, the downs are easily separated and loosened from one another. It is also very important that the down dries completely. If you wash your duvets and pillows yourself use detergents for wool or down and choose the highest possible temperature. Unless otherwise specified on the washing list, we recommend a cleaning at 60 °C where bacteria and mites are removed in the best possible way. Tennis balls in the drum prevent the feathers from being clumped together during washing.

Down jackets and down blankets: Dry cleaning

If the upper material, the coatings or buttons do not allow any washing treatment, dry cleaning is a helpful alternative. In this case, the down is not cleaned with water, but is washed with our environmentally friendly solvent KWL (hydrocarbon solvent). The solvent absorbs pigments, adhesions and fats. Different from the washing treatment the upper material can not swell and therefore not shrink. Plus, there will be no pilling on the surface. However, the assimilated sweat cannot be washed out as nicely as it would when using a treatment with water.

Our special service for down cleaning

Our long-standing experience in textile cleaning (after all, we have been around since 1964) enables us, in some cases, to clean the downs with water even if the material normally only allows chemical cleaning. With this processes, detergents and technical possibilities are used in such a way that even materials not marked with a washing symbol by the manufacturer can often be processed in water. This is particularly relevant if there is dirt which cannot be dissolved while dry cleaning. Besides blood, sweat and juice this could also apply for coffee/tea or red wine. In many cases, we can still save the textiles, although this would not be possible with the care recommendations of the manufacturer. Our employees in our branches will be pleased to advise you and take a closer look at your down pieces. If you do not have the possibility to bring your down cushions and duvets to us, simply use our delivery service. We will fetch your cushions, jackets and other textiles from you, wash them and bring them back, of course. Just contact us to find out more.