Fur cleaning in Berlin


Fur cleaning is the supreme discipline in the field of textile cleaning. A glance at the shampoo shelf of your drugstore will show you the science behind cleaning hair and the skin underneath. Furs are even more difficult to clean, as they are skin and hair that no longer regenerate. Just like leather, fur needs the fat it contains, which is also the carrier of the dirt. The different types of fur such as mink or lambskin require specialist knowledge for cleaning. Thus fur and skins differ in their hair density. In addition, there are textiles which, in contrast to fur coats, only have fur trimming, are made of sensitive lining material or partly of other materials. Fur cleaning therefore also requires specialist knowledge in the field of leather cleaning. The furrier used to be the first point of contact for fur and its cleaning. By now, also specialized cleanings like the Textilreinigung Pinguin offer the cleaning and the care of your furs. The fur jacket or the fur coat lose their shine fast, if they do not receive the correct care. Many fur products are heirlooms that have been cherished for years. Musty smells or yellowing are consequences of the age of fur. Frequent wearing causes traces of use and soiling at the highly stressed areas such as the collar. When given the correct use and the suitable storage, fur belongs to the durable materials. In fact, the leather dries out when not used for a long time. Perfume or hairspray are among the irritants that damage the fur as much as heat. If you shake it out after wearing and hang it up with plenty of space, you will do a lot to preserve its beauty.


When is fur cleaning recommended?

At the latest with coarse soiling or clear traces of wear, it is worth going to a professional fur cleaning. It is the simplest option to let the fur shine again. This also applies to the fur coat that has been taken out of the musty cellar, inherited and not worn for years. In order to maintain their quality for a long time, with such high-quality materials a professional fur cleaning by a specialist or furrier makes sense. Anyone who has worn their fur jacket regularly in winter, benefits from having it cleaned at the beginning of the warm season. Cleaning and removing light dirt protects the piece from moths and eliminates odours. It is not advisable to use fur cleaners or special cleaners from the trade, as these may damage the hair and the base fabric with irritants depending on the coat or fur. With fur products or fur kinds, with which it is not clear whether it is for example mink, rabbit or lambskin, it is recommended to attend a professional. As fur cleaning is associated with specialist knowledge, not every dry cleaner offers it. A suitable cleaning ensures that the fur shines, the hair is supple again and the leather remains soft.

Fur cleaning at Textilreinigung Pinguin

DIn addition to classic washing and textile care, Pinguin Textilpflege takes care of leather cleaning and fur cleaning. We treat your fur very carefully. In a first step, our employees remove broken hair and loose dirt and check the fur for damage. Afterwards, we will take care of the areas subject to heavy wear, such as the collar and sleeves, which regularly come into contact with your skin. We remove the greasy dirt with a special cleaner and bring back the old shine of the fur. The main focus of the cleaning is on areas that are dirty in order to protect the hair, grease and leather. In order to achieve good cleaning results, it is helpful to indicate the source of dirt or stains. In addition, fur cleaning is more successful when the dirt had less time to settle. Since fur is a sensitive material, the choice of detergent and solvent is crucial in the process. We chose a hydrocarbon solution because it is much lighter than conventional solvents. This considerably reduces the mechanical stress on your fur during the washing process. This ensures that the seams last longer and the hair remains firmly anchored. Finally, we treat the fur with a dry emulsion and comb it out. In the case of old furs, we will also be happy to assist you when it comes to processing the lining.