Leather cleaning

Leather jackets, traditional costumes, shoes, the fine leather skirt, the handbag or motorcycle clothing, fans of this material know: Leather is soft and supple. Leather clothing is much more complicated to care for than simple fabrics. This is because leather is nothing more than animal hide, that is made durable through a tanning process. Nevertheless, it is still a piece of the animal which, like all biological substances, is exposed to a decay process. The different leather surfaces such as smooth leather and suede leather need different cleaning and care.

  • Nubuck leather, for example, is soft, velvety, but susceptible to stains. Handbags or clothing in light colours made of nubuck leather therefore need special care.
  • For motorcycle clothing made of leather, its robust, weatherproof and breathable properties are in the foreground. However, it is difficult to clean a motorcycle combination in a washing machine.
  • Although leather clothing is hard-wearing, it needs intensive care in order to be preserved for a long time and to retain its supple properties.
  • If the leather is dirty or if you wish to freshen up your favourite piece, it is advisable to go to a professional leather cleaner.

The Textilpflege Pinguin undertakes the cleaning of the garment and the corresponding leather care as part of the leather cleaning process.


Advantages of professional leather cleaning

Well groomed leather clothing is wearable for a long time. However, the care of the garments requires special care. Professional leather cleaning is particularly recommended in cases where it is not clear which leather the garment is made of. Further reasons for a professional leather care are dirt and stains, faded areas or the desire to freshen up the colour. The main advantage is that the leather is cleaned and cared for by professionals. They have the specialist knowledge of leather types such as smooth leather or leather technology and the appropriate tools. That way, they clean leather pieces gently and carefully and remove staining. This saves you the trouble of searching for the right detergent or professional tip for stain removal. In addition, the right leather care ensures that the quality of the garment is maintained for a long time. Leather garments are demanding when it comes to cleaning and care. That doesn't mean it can't be cared for and cleaned at home, but special garments must be cared for appropriately. The wrong detergent will stain or bleach the fabric. In the case of nubuck leather, for example, greasy detergents cause it to smoothen and lose its typical structure. Impregnation is just as important. This applies not only to shoes, but to all clothing and leather products that can be protected from dirt and moisture. Impregnation helps to protect it from fading. Depending on the leather, different detergents have to be selected. With garments, the labels help with the choice. If these do not provide any information, it is advisable to go to a professional leather cleaner to avoid discolouring or damaging the surfaces by using the wrong methods.

Leather cleaning at Textilreinigung Pinguin

At the Textilreinigung Pinguin textile, experienced employees undertake the leather cleaning in order to clean the leather gently and remove stains. What's essential is the right method for every requirement and every leather surface. Because depending on the type of leather, the leather technology and the leather surfaces, different methods of cleaning and care have to be used. The Pinguin Textilreinigung uses a special process to keep the leather supple. After the washing process, our employees take care of the leather and, if necessary, grease it by hand. Depending on the degree of staining, the leather is dry-cleaned, gently cleaned or cleaned by hand. Dry cleaning is suitable for heavily soiled garments. Subsequently, a re-greasing takes place, with suede leather a post-processing or with nappa leather a re-coating. These processes preserve the surfaces and protect them from staining.

Gentle cleaning is particularly suitable for sensitive leather surfaces or leather pieces that are only slightly soiled. The mechanical process is gentle and protects the natural fat content of the leather. Cleaning by hand is done in the case of local soiling at the classic loading points of leather clothing such as the collar or the lapels. Manual treatment of dyed or multicoloured leather has the advantage that local treatment prevents discolouration.

Leather cleaning and care

Not only the stain removal or the refreshing of the garments are good reasons for the professional leather cleaning by our employees. Besides stains and dirt, leather products tend to become worn out. For example, suede leather quickly develops smooth and unsightly stains on stressed areas such as elbows and seat. This is where our employees intervene and dye and roughen the leather. We use an innovative sandblasting process for leather care. It roughens the leather evenly and prevents visible transitions to the untreated parts of the leather. In this way we bring your leather garments as close as possible to the condition in which you bought them.

Leather also reacts sensitively to too much sunlight and bleaches quickly. Additionally, traces of use cause the colour of the leather to change or fade as well. Our staff will dye your favourite piece if required and desired. Colour differences can be smoothed and the garment shines in its old quality. Especially when it comes to a consistent colour in leather clothing, a professional tip is to deliver leather goods that form a combination at the same time. Thus, the colours of the products are ideally matched to each other.