Have special textiles cleaned

Reinigung vom HochzeitskleidFor the large variety of textiles, we offer a wide range of services, to treat practically every different textile out there. From everyday clothes and bed linen to high-quality suits and the shirts and ties that come with them. We also clean and care for your leather goods and furs with precision at the highest level.

We also have an area for home textiles - special textiles, in which we take care of your curtains, carpets and upholstery covers. Textiles from the outdoor sector

such as tarpaulins, boat covers and tents are no problem for us either. Here, we do not only make sure that the textiles are cleaned properly, but can also apply impregnations and other care products to make your products last longer.

Even complicated products made from several different special textiles such as wedding dresses, traditional clothing, leather suits and even the beloved stuffed animals of your children will shine in new splendour after our services are done.

On the following pages we have compiled a selection of cleaning methods for particularly complex products. If we were able to convince you, please contact us or come by for a visit at one of our branches.